No one knows everything; together we know a lot.

Meet the community organizations and activist collectives that are focused on community care, liberatory futures, and alternatives to policing.


Abolitious is a group of Santa Cruz BIPOC community members who came together to learn about the history, politics, and practice of abolition. We began our group by following Abolition Journal’s 6-week multimedia study guide to learn about the histories of the prison industrial complex, mass incarceration, police brutality, and the ongoing struggle towards liberation from systems of harm. We join the abolitionists who have advanced this work for decades and welcome new partners in our study and action.

Abolish Santa Cruz

Abolish Santa Cruz is a community initiative dedicated to decolonizing the city we call Santa Cruz through abolishing the systems of policing & prisons, by reinvesting into intentional community centered resources for oppressed peoples.

BIPOC Liberation Collective

The BIPOC Liberation Collective aims to build authentic, lasting, and intersectional solidarity among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), in order to address anti-Blackness, undo Native invisibility, dismantle white supremacy and advance racial justice in Santa Cruz, CA and beyond. We use the term BIPOC to highlight the unique relationship to whiteness that Black and Indigenous people have within a U.S. context, while unapologetically focusing on and centering relationships among BIPOC folks here in Santa Cruz, CA.

Blended Bridge

Blended Bridge aims to connect the community of individuals who oftentimes feel like their identities have gotten lost in the middle. Most importantly, our goal is to create a safe, inclusive community that welcomes every individual for who they are and what they identify as. Whatever that may be.

The role of a bridge is to serve as a connecting or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities or conditions. Likewise, Blended Bridge serves as an intermediary between our differences in an attempt to allow us to better understand one another. By highlighting the ways in which we are all wildly different, yet inadvertently the same, Blended Bridge aims to Bridge Our Differences.


Revolunas are committed to the healing of womxn of color, youth, and QTPOC through spirituality, creative expression, community building, and education

Alternative Emergency Response Working Group

The Alternative Emergency Response working group exists to outline and advocate for an alternative model for responding to nonviolent emergency calls in Santa Cruz. This program will consist of unarmed medical and mental health-care professionals dispatched through 911. We believe this will make a material difference in over-policed communities, and will demonstrate the utility and necessity of defunding the police and refunding the community.

Madeleine Keller

A folk/community herbalist in Santa Cruz, CA

SURJ Santa Cruz (Showing Up For Racial Justice)

SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) Santa Cruz is part of a national network of over 150 groups and affiliates nationwide who are motivating white people to work for racial and economic justice through community organizing, mobilization, and education.

SURJ’s role as part of a multi-racial, cross-class movement is to undermine white support for white supremacy while working for racial justice. We understand that this work is effective only when engaged with the leadership of people of color. Therefore, our guiding principle ensures that we maintain strong accountability relationships with Black, Indigenous and People of color-led organizations.

SC Community Fridges

Network of community fridges in Santa Cruz, CA

UCSC Cops Off Campus

We are UCSC graduate students fighting for a living wage and #COPSOFFCAMPUS. We strike, we rebel, we revolt!

Science For The People – Santa Cruz

Science for the People originally arose in 1969 out of the anti-war movement and lasted until 1989. With radical analysis and non-hierarchical governing structure, Science for the People tackled the militarization of scientific research, the corporate control of research agendas, the political implications of sociobiology and other scientific theories, the environmental consequences of energy policy, inequalities in health care, and many other issues. Since 2015, SftP veterans have collaborated with a new generation of SftP members to explore the history of radical science and to rebuild the organization for today. Science for the People organizes scientists, activists, students, and scholars to face these issues head-on in research institutions, universities, and communities.

Santa Cruz County Mutual Aid

Santa Cruz County Mutual Aid is an organization devoted to fostering mutual aid projects in SC that serve to advance the collective liberation of or communities.

Ecosocialists of DSA Santa Cruz

The Ecosocialist working group organizes to fight capitalism and build local power for climate, environmental and multi-species justice. We work to spread an understanding that capitalism and imperialism must be fought against to promote the health of our planet and all of its people through public information campaigns, agitprop, literature, mutual aid and embodied participatory research to feel the effects of capitalism on our multi-species worlds, and imagine other worlds we might bring into being.

CSG – Color Study Group

CSG was born from a desire to investigate the materiality of color. We are a group of UC Santa Cruz students at UCSC’s Art Department and we interrogate the cultural, psychological, and metaphysical implications of color. Our interests in color and the world it inhabits are ever-expanding, but as of late this group is most focused on natural dyeing and the planting of a community dye garden. Our latest project, Freedom Garden (working title), is currently being conceptualized in collaboration with Timothy Young, a wrongly convicted and death row imprisoned black man. We see plants as comrades in abolition, and see the freedom of land, the freedom of all those imprisoned by the state, and collective liberation as intrinsically linked.