The River Composes Us In Concert Together

Ecosocialists of DSA Santa Cruz

Location: Riverside Ave Bridge and 3rd Street

Time: 10:30 AM

Join the Ecosocialists in sharing and recognizing the harm enacted against your well-being and connection to the environment due to the privatization of property. The goal of these “hearings” is to develop a more comprehensive understanding of what is common among us, who constitutes that “us”, and to promote values that recognize and amplify what is shared rather than what is privately owned and controlled.

These performances will flow with the movement of the San Lorenzo River, testifying to the pressures, stresses, and anxieties we feel because of the way private property has separated us from each other and stolen our common ground.

Ecosocialists of DSA Santa Cruz

The Ecosocialist working group organizes to fight capitalism and build local power for climate, environmental and multi-species justice. We work to spread an understanding that capitalism and imperialism must be fought against to promote the health of our planet and all of its people through public information campaigns, agitprop, literature, mutual aid and embodied participatory research to feel the effects of capitalism on our multi-species worlds, and imagine other worlds we might bring into being.